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The world's only disposable computer keyboard cover!!!


THE Only Disposable Plastic Keyboard Cover  






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In the home, the SYBER-SAKŪ can protect the computer keyboard from spills, dust, food, as well as bacteria.

Children love to play on the computer.  With the SYBER-SAKŪ in place, when one child has a cold or the flu, you can let them use the computer keyboard knowing that the bacteria can be disposed of instead of letting it remain on the keyboard exposing you or the other children to it.

The SYBER-SAKŪ makes it  possible for children to be able to  eat and drink while working on the computer and not have to worry about getting in trouble for spilling a drink or dropping food on the keyboard.  The SYBER-SAKŪ creates a worry free environment for anyone working on the computer in making sure that the keyboard is protected from foreign substances.




100/CS $17.00
50/CS $12.50
25/CS $7.50
10/CS $5.00 

                                         Plus Shipping and Handling


* Patent Pending