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In a business setting, the SYBER-SAKŪ can also play an important role in controlling the spread of infectious diseases.

In an office, where people are working closely together it is easy for colds, flu, influenza, and other infectious diseases to be spread.  One sneeze or cough on a computer keyboard by anyone who is infected with a viral infection, contaminates the keyboard and may cause the spread of the virus to others who may come in contact with that same keyboard.

The SYBER-SAKŪ makes it possible to keep the computer keyboard free of bacteria and other contaminates as well as protecting the keyboard from foreign substances, such as dust, liquids, and food, which may damage it.

It is important for companies and organizations to help prevent the  spread of contagions, thus cutting down on absenteeism and medical bills.  By using the SYBER-SAKŪ to dispose of contaminates, instead of them spreading from person to person, production will not be compromised and money will be saved.  The SYBER-SAKŪ also saves money by preventing costly keyboard repairs or replacement of the damaged keyboard.        


* Patent Pending